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Alabama Taxidermy Association

Est 1980

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ATA Picture.jpg

The Alabama Taxidermist Association (ATA) makes you a better-informed taxidermist. The ATA is an association built from its membership of business professionals and enthusiasts in the field of taxidermy with a primary focus of unity and education. There are many functions of the ATA including general member meetings, educational seminars and an annual show and competition.


2023 Alabama Convention & Competition


June 22-25, 2023

Clarion Hotel

Sheffield Alabama

4900 Hatch Blvd Sheffield, AL35660


Hotel Link For Reservations:

*Reservations must be made by June 09 to get the ATA rate; $78.00*


Rick Carter -WT Deer, Mammals, & Gameheads

Rick Krane - Fish, Crustaceans, & Reptiles

Mike Nakielski - Birds (all)

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